AERD promotes publishing of high-quality research articles, maintaining the highest standards of ethical research practices and publication. All authors, reviewers and editors are required to comply to these ethical rules.

All manuscripts go through a double-blind peer-review system. Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent experts in the relevant area. The reviewers complete an Evaluation form, containing a full assessment of the manuscript, comments and recommendations to authors. The senior editors take into account the reviewers' comments before making a final decision either to accept, accept with revision or to reject a manuscript.

After the acceptance for manuscript publication each author has to complete and sign the Author's Statement form, declaring that all co-authors that contributed to the work are fairly acknowledged; the published author list accurately reflects individual contributions; and the manuscript complies with rules of antiplagiarism. Any potential areas of conflict of interest concerning objectivity of research should be declared also.

On publication authors automatically transfer copyright to the publisher. Each author has to complete and sign a Copyright Transfer Statement.

Both signed statements should be scanned and sent by email to the journal editors.

Editors and journal administrators have to consider potential conflicts of interest when assigning reviewers. Invited reviewers should declare any financial or competing interest before receiving the manuscripts. If such a situation arises, editors will invite other reviewers. Failure to declare conflict of interest may result in removal of the reviewer from the journal database.